DISC for Businesses- Effective Communication

The DISC profile can help improve communication among employees by identifying their work styles, and management's styles, then exploring ways of working together. It is an efficient tool to help employees differences to be utilized as strengths and learning tools. Engage in interactive exercises that will promote a deeper understanding of self and others. Take an assessment that will explain your personality style and how your personality impacts your roles at work.

What's your work style:

·         Direct and Decisive. Do you like to go in and get work done? Is beating around the bush so to say not an option when you need to make a sale or when you need to make a sale, or when you need your employees to get their work completed? How can this be helpful or hindering in your environment? 

·         Influential and Interactive. Do you like to persuade others to see and do things your way? Do you have an influence on your coworkers and employees? Is mixing and mingling part of the job and part of the job you enjoy? How can your influence be a benefit for the company and the clients?

o    Steady and Secure. Would others say you are dependable? Can you remain calm, and is rushing something that annoys you or disrupts your workflow?

o    Controlled or Concise. Do you thrive on showing your expertise? Do you consider yourself to be accurate ensuring all your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed? Are you considered by yourself or others to be competent and concise in all your expectations and duties?

Who says you have to be like-minded to work together well? I will help you and your business’ employees learn to complement others behaviors. No matter how different or unique, providing you with a great tool to achieve a more productive outcome is the goal. DISC includes an interactive and hands on 6 hour workshop. Ask about free consultations today.

o    Results are not guaranteed as it takes desire, communication and working together to produce the desired goals

Myers Briggs Type Indicator-MBTI

Have you ever wondered exactly what your personality type is, and how it and other people's personalities, are so conflicting with ours at times? How do we communicate with those around us when our personalities are so different? This three-hour workshop includes the cost of the assessment (completed before hand) and discusses your personality style and results, as well as activities that allow you to work on areas of listening, speaking, intimacy, conflict resolution and more.

When: Every Monday from 8 am to 11 am beginning January 1st

Please send an email address to selena@backontrackcounseling.org with your full name and email address you wish to have the test sent to. This must be completed before you can attend the workshop. Once you have completed the assessment, a link will be sent to you to register for the workshop. Workshops are held every Monday.

Cost: $105- Includes assessment

Location: 3035 W. 25th Ave Denver

Career Assessment Workshops

Are you looking for a new career move or are you fresh out of high school, and trying to figure out what career path you want to take? Join this 3-hour workshop every Tuesday to help you identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses, types of fields that may be more directed to your personal desire and style, and other benefits. More so, connect with others for networking in new and unexplored fields for you, and many other possibilities. This is a group workshop and the price of the assessment is included.  

Please send an email to selena@backontrackcounseling.org for directions to receive the assessment (this must be done before you attend the workshop). After you have completed the assessment, a link will be sent to you to register for the workshop.

Cost: $80- Price Includes Assessment

Location: 3035 W. 25th Ave Denver