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Could You Use Improved Communication Skills at your Place of Employment?

Why can't you just do your job

Why can't you just do what I want when I want

Who says I'm not working just because I like to talk

work? I am working. I always talk but it doesn't mean I'm not working.

I'm busy working

I dot my i's and cross my t's to ensure the job gets done right. Be patient with me because I'm methodical.

Are you a supervisor, team leader, hiring manager and are trying team building exercises that never seem to accomplish your goal of getting employees to work together and communicate effectively?

The DISC profile can help improve communication among employees by identifying your work style and your co-workers then exploring ways of working together instead of against each other. Engage in interactive exercises that will promote a deeper understanding of self and others. Take an assessment that will explain your personality style and how your personality impacts your roles at work. Combine perspectives, body language, expectations and other qualities, characteristics or habits and behaviors together for the good. 

What's your work style:

  • Direct and Decisive. Do you like to go in and get work done? Is beating around the bush so to say not an option when you need to make a sale or when you need to make a sale or when you need your employees to get their work completed? How can this be helpful or hindering in your environment? 
  • Influential and InteractiveDo you like to persuade others to see and do things your way? Do you have an influence on your coworkers and employees? Is mixing and mingling part of the job and part of the job you enjoy? How can your influence be a benefit for the company and the clients?
  • Steady and SecureWould others say you are dependable? Can you remain calm and is rushing something that annoys you or disrupts your workflow?
  • Controlled or ConciseDo you thriving on showing your expertise? Do you consider yourself to be accurate ensuring all your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed? Are you considered by yourself or others to be competent and concise in all your expectations and duties?
  • who says you have to be like minded to work together well?
  • I will help you and your business’ employees learn to complement others behaviors, no matter how different or unique, providing you with the goal of a more effective work environment. DiSC includes an interactive and hands on 4-6 hour workshop.
  • Results are not guaranteed as it takes desire, communication and working together to produce the desired goals.

Think about this: We spend on average 40 hours during the week working with other people. There are 168 hours in a week and of those hours, we spend daily eight hours or more, working with people whose personalities conflict with ours. When personalities conflict and leaving your job is not an option, I can help you learn to utilize company time more efficiently by providing coaching and assessment to improve communication amongst each other. When different, extreme or contrasting personalities affect clients, monetary gain and a peaceful environment, no one leaves happy (ok, some people do). 

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