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  • Psychotherapy for anger, anxiety, depression and those events that just seem          unmanageable, hopeless or debilitating. Whether it's communication break down, something more biologically involved or environmentally produced, there are times in our lives when we just want to be heard, we're seeking out help to ensure we don't have to go through things alone or exploring deeper avenues of pain- mentally, emotionally, verbally, we are here to help you. Back on Track primarily uses a Strengths-Based CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy approach which means I help you understand how your thoughts impact your feelings and behaviors and how negative self-defeating thoughts can be defused with the internal strengthening and motivating thoughts that are just hiding deep down. I also use a psychoanalytic approach because I believe we all have a story to tell and who and what we are present day stems from where we came from throughout our developing years with caretakers, friends, family and other relationships. 

  • Workshops to help build communication skills within your relationships at work, home and anywhere in between. Look for our job coaching workshops too including assessments, transitions in lifestyles and setting new goals. See the More tab for services provided to improve communication and understanding at your work place.

  • Anger Management and Parenting Classes for those who seek positive changes in communicating within interpersonal relationships. Reduce your chances of getting arrested, sent to jail and/or losing your family or job and more. These classes are designed for those who are trying to get out of the system or those who don't want to get it. It's also designed for anyone who is anyone that is interested in making positive changes. Let us help you find your internal strengths and abilities to communicate and maintain healthy relationships. Anger is a reaction to a perceived threatening stimuli. It's immediate and tends to be a defense system. Taking these classes can assist you in exploring alternative perceptions of events within your control as well as those things that are out of your control and helping you to listen to the signals in your body that are leading up to an external emotion which can have dangerous or negative consequences in many areas of your life. 

Think about this: We spend on average 40 hours during the week working with other people. There are 168 hours in a week and of those hours, we spend daily eight hours or more, working with people whose personalities conflict with ours. When personalities conflict and leaving your job is not an option, I can help you learn to utilize company time more efficiently by providing coaching and assessment to improve communication amongst each other. When different, extreme or contrasting personalities affect clients, monetary gain and a peaceful environment, no one leaves happy (ok, some people do). 

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Phone: 720-309-2570

Specializing in unlicensed psychotherapy


CDA (Certified Disk Administrator)
CTACC (Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach)

MA (Master of Arts) Forensic Psychology
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