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Back On Track

helping to bUILD positive and productive relationships
through coaching and counseling

Get Back on Track

Coach Training Alliance Find out how you can become a life coach


Where is life taking you?

While you may not find fancy assessments, Reiki masters or pranic healing here, what you will find is how self-improvement, communication skills, faith in yourself and maybe your higher power, positive support systems and other avenues of encouragement and making strides can help you get back to the basics: Life with a plan and a purpose. 

Offender transitions and positive change coaching

From fall to freedom and inmate to making an impact. Let us help you find your path to work, productive and healthy relationships, communicating effectively, identifying boundaries and more

Because it's all about helping you get Back on Track

Counseling for when you need someone to listen and you're looking for guidance

Toxic relationships have you down and you want out!!

We offer coaching and workshops on identifying how toxic habits, toxic choices and who you surround yourself with can make or break your present and your future relationships, impact your freedom and/or rob you of your inner joy

Specializing in unlicensed psychotherapy


CDA (Certified DISC Administrator)
CTACC (Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach)

MA (Master of Arts) Forensic Psychology
RP (Registered Psychotherapist)